“From the opening riff to the closing stab, the new EP "Bad Habits" from Jenna Lotti delivers. The Boston singer/songwriter showcases an evolving maturity in both songwriting and vocals on her second release, and the production is tight throughout. From fun, blues-tinged sass to serious harmonies – reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles – these 5 songs, laced with memorable hooks, serve as a marker Jenna is throwing down to the world: "I am here. You must listen." And those who do, are in for a treat.” - Matt Reid MIX 104.1

“It’s exciting when a young and gifted singer chooses to record a single that pays tribute to our blues and jazz heritage, yet could still sound at home on a pop radio playlist.  Lotti unloosens her soul in “Bad Habits” rather than relying on the studio gimmicks that numb so much of today’s chart-topping music.”  - Carter Alan  WZLX​

Jenna received the nod for Limelight Magazine’s 2015 ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ and was nominated for "Female Performer of the Year" in 2016 & 2017 by The New England Music Awards.This recognition was punctuated by invitations to open for national acts such as Hunter Hayes and Buddy Guy as well as a local star, Ruby Rose Fox. Lotti released her sophomore EP, Bad Habits, in October 2016 and is set to release her next pop driven single, "Beauty Queen", in April 2017.

​​Jenna Lotti is a pop soul singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. Originally writing poetry for self-medication, Lotti began penning open book lyrics at the age of 15. Singing only to herself and close friends eventually she was convinced to attend a local open mic in Boston. After nervously singing an original song to an iPod recording, she was met with very positive response from the small crowd which led to further musical experimentation.

Over the next few years she incessantly wrote tunes, learned to play the guitar and started recording YouTube videos (in her bathroom). Drawing from her childhood musical influences in pop, blues, soul and big band Lotti’s music is a soulful distillation that flirts with both her stirring and sweet sides. After countless open mic’s and years on YouTube she started booking small shows around Boston.

As her shows grew larger, so did her band and her collection of original songs. In 2013 she created a successful kick-starter campaign which led to the creation of her debut album “Tunnel Vision”. The 9 song LP propelled her career into the next stage showcasing her songwriting and musical capabilities. Tunes such as “Red Line Love” (w/ accompanying music video), “Strangers”  and “Medicine” drew wide acclaim by fans and local media.


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